Peak Performance ARCHIBUS is the #1 global provider of Total Infrastructure and Facilities Management (TIFM) solutions and services. ARCHIBUS software products allow users to easily track the use and condition of physical assets, helping them perform better facilities and infrastructure management at a lower cost. By helping organizations of all sizes identify underutilized space, equipment, and other physical assets, ARCHIBUS can increase overall productivity, uncover hidden costs, and support core business functions.

One Singular SolutionWith annual expenditures for ARCHIBUS-related products and services currently exceeding $1.7 billion (US), ARCHIBUS is recognized as the world’s #1 provider of real estate, infrastructure and facilities management solutions. ARCHIBUS allows organizations to use a single, comprehensive, integrated solution for informed strategic decisions that optimize Return on Investment (ROI), lower lifecycle costs, and increase enterprise-wide productivity and profitability.

Pocketed PercentagesWith ARCHIBUS, client organizations today are reducing their real estate, infrastructure and facilities-related costs by as much as 34%.


ARCHIBUS – Product Overview

Substantive SuiteARCHIBUS is a complete, comprehensive, and integrated suite of applications that address all aspects of facilities and infrastructure management. Because the ARCHIBUS system is fully integrated with industry-standard AutoCAD®, it ensures that changes made to drawings are simultaneously reflected in the ARCHIBUS database.

ARCHIBUS – Applications

Remarkably ModularARCHIBUS consists of several integrated applications, each designed to address specific core functions and improve the overall efficiency of a client’s operation. The ARCHIBUS solution’s flexible, modular structure allows you to assemble the most complete combination of applications according to your organization’s requirements and budget. Data entered into these applications are automatically reflected in other relevant areas, ensuring accurate, up-to-date information.

ARCHIBUS applications include:

  • Real Property and Lease Management
  • Strategic Master Planning
  • Space Management
  • Room Reservations
  • Hoteling
  • Overlay for AutoCAD® with Design Management
  • Furniture & Equipment Management
  • Telecommunications and Cable Management
  • Building Operations Management
  • Work Wizard
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Condition Assessment
  • Environmental Sustainability Assessment
  • Fleet Management
  • Project Management
  • Move Management
  • Capital Budgeting


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